Academic Departments


The Hancock Central School District will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year.
HCSD will deliver no-cost breakfast and lunch to all of its students until further notice. 
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Academic Departments

Academic Expectations

It is the desire of the faculty to advance all pupils as rapidly as possible, but parents must remember that this end can be accomplished only by the hearty cooperation of the parent and pupil.  Parents may aid greatly by a positive attitude toward school work and discipline.
The school should come first over all other demands upon the pupil's time during the school year.  For successful achievement in school, it is essential that all Junior and Senior high school pupils taking four or more subjects study at least two hours per day at home. An additional hour of home study for each subject above four is also advisable.    

All departments are open every day that the school is in session for the inspection of parents and friends of the school.  You are cordially invited to visit the school at any time with proper prior notice and approval of the building administrator.  Please refer to the school policy regarding visitation.

Helpful Resources

The following are great resources for anyone interested in knowing more about the curriculum, instruction, and standards that are current and in the process of being implemented.
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