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Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES

      Hancock Central School is one of 16 component districts in the Sole Supervisory District of Delaware, Chenango, Madison and Otsego Counties.  The Supervisory District encompasses an area of approximately 2,000 square miles, ranging from the northern (Georgetown) end of the Otselic Valley Central School District to the southern end of the Hancock Central School District.  Over 24,000 students are served by this huge area due to the relatively small size of the component districts and the sparsity of population.  Approximately 1,300 teachers provide the instructional know-how in the supervisory District.

Preparing our Students
      Our school has joined with eight other area schools in the continuation of programs in career and technical education.  The courses are primarily designed to prepare students for entry level employment in certain occupational areas upon graduation from high school.  They also provide some college bound students with the opportunity for some practical hands-on experience.

     Students completing a curriculum or course will be assisted in securing employment consistent with their training and abilities.  Some courses will require the graduate to pass an examination for the State license prior to employment.  Cosmetology (beauty culture) is an example.  Once licensed by the State, no further preparation is required to continue employment in the field of cosmetology.

For more information, visit the DCMO BOCES website.
Course Information

     The Robert W. Harrold Education Campus, which provides career and technical education for the schools in this area, is operated by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services of the Sole Supervisory District of Delaware County.  The Center, which is located near Trout Creek, currently has 18 career and technical education programs in operation at the two campus buildings.
     These courses are approved by the New York State Education Department in meeting high school diploma requirements.  A student seeking the Regents high school diploma may also use credit earned by taking these courses at the Area Center, provided other qualifications are met.

     Classes are conducted utilizing modern machines, equipment, and tools applicable for the occupational area(s) for which the curriculum is designed.  Attention is given to classroom/shop type instruction devoted to learning of information related to the occupation or occupations involved in the curriculum or course of study.  The major portion of the time spent at the Area Center will be spent on learning the skills required to perform satisfactorily on the job.

Attending BOCES
     Any student is eligible to request this type of education.  However, students will be recommended on the basis of certain factors which indicate he/she might be successful in this type of work, and could benefit from the career and technical education program.

     A student will attend the home school for one half day each day and travel to the Area Center for the other half day for specialized instruction.  Some courses are two years in length.  Students taking these courses earn four credits per year toward graduation in addition to the academic credits earned here in the home school. 
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