About Hancock Central Schools

General Information

The Hancock Central School District is nestled in rural Delaware County in the Southern Tier Region of New York state. The District consists of approved elementary, middle and high schools chartered by the New York State Department of Education.

The Central School Building houses grades 5-12, while the Elementary School Building houses pre-kindergarten through grade 4.

In addition to the core grade-school subjects required of all schools, an enriched program of music, health, physical education, library and computers is provided by specially trained teachers.

For statistics and more information, visit our page on the New York State Education Department data website at https://data.nysed.gov/profile.php?instid=800000053550

Visiting Our Schools

The Hancock Central School District welcomes visitors during regular business hours year-round. All visitors must first ring buzzers at designated security checkpoints, then immediately obtain visitor badges from corresponding offices.

Security Checkpoint - Hancock Central School
a, Ring buzzer at middle doors of front entrance
b, Walk up stairs, turn left and obtain visitor's badge from Health Office (left side of hallway)

Security Checkpoint - District Office
a, Use visitors' door at side entrance (before garages/football field)
b, Ring buzzer in foyer and obtain visitor's badge from attendant

Security Checkpoint - Hancock Elementary School
a, Use visitors' door at main entrance (by school sign)
b, Ring buzzer in foyer and obtain visitor's badge from main office

These instructions must be followed to prevent class interruptions and keep unauthorized individuals from entering our schools. Additionally, visitor badges must be clearly visible for the duration of the visit. Faculty and staff have been instructed to question the presence of anyone lacking an identification badge or visitor's pass.

PLEASE NOTE: Visitation may be prohibited or limited during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Updated 9/14/2021
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