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First day of school is tomorrow!

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Dr. Terrance Dougherty, Superintendent of Hancock Central School, has released pertinent information concerning the school and plans for the 2019-2020 school year, which starts Thursday, September 5. Personnel and the teaching staff are listed herein, as well as a schedule of the bus routes and class lists for elementary school students.

The Board of Education of the Hancock Central School District is comprised of President Terry Whitt, Vice President Rebecca Smith, Gene Homer, Todd Jacobs, Christopher “Jake” Geer, and Lothar Holbert (Wayne Highlands representative).


In addition to Superintendent Dougherty, Hancock’s administrative staff includes PK-12 Principal Julie Bergman and Jackie Beamer, Director for Pupil Personnel Services and CSE Chairperson. Hancock’s staff for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:

Hancock Elementary School

Kindergarten: Marjorie Hull, Melissa Karcher.

First Grade: Kerrie Bass, Kristen Rice.

Second Grade: Devin Schmitz, Candice Milk.

Third Grade: Katherine Cooper.

Fourth Grade: Roseann Prescott, Roberta Vasconi-Smith.

AIS & Reading: Olga Opshinsky.

Art: Daniel Gaylord.

Library: Sandra Barnes.

LPN: Cindy Alderman.

Music: Loa Noyd, Nicholas Murray.

Physical Education and Computers: Anthony Pascarelli.

Special Education: Patricia Robinson, Heather Saxby.

Hancock Middle School

Fifth Grade: Ariel Kravetsky, Kristina Dufton.

Sixth Grade: Gloria White.

English (7-8): Denise Dirig.

Math (7-8): Jodi Wormuth.

Science (7-8): James Kelly.

Social Studies (7-8): Karin Nyberg.

Art: Daniel Gaylord.

Home & Careers: Kay MacDonald.

School Counselor: Joan Rice.

Special Education: Angie Hazen, Colleen Dulay.

Special Education Teaching Assistants: Brenda Smith, Tish Drumm.

Technology: Ken Held.

Hancock High School

Art: Daniel Gaylord.

Athletic Coordinator: Ann Messenger.

Business: Kim Makowski.

Computers and Distance Learning: Chance Charles.

Dean of Students: Judy Ellis.

English: Mary Norris, Patty Gross.

Foreign Language: Erica Howard, Danielle Gross.

Health: Ann Messenger.

Home Economics: Kay MacDonald.

Library: Sandra Barnes.

Math: Kim Makowski, Victoria Olivieri, Ann Mangefrida.

Music (instrumental): Nicholas Murray.

Music (vocal): Loa Noyd.

Physical Education: Ann Messenger, Devon Bedient.

School Counselor: Joan Rice.

School Nurse and Attendance Officer: Jennifer Hunt.

School Psychologist: Dr. Andy Steinbecher.

Social Studies: Kelly DaBrescia, Matt Davis.

Science: Douglas Turner, Jeremy Mann, Thomas O’Boyle.

Special Education: Kathryn Herzog, Ann Mangefrida, Kristy White.

Special Education Teaching Assistant: Sabrina Kenyon.

Technology: Ken Held.

Support Staff

Secretary (Superintendent’s Office): Tammi Wadeson.

Secretary (MS/HS Office): Victoria Kravetsky.

Secretary (Elementary Office): Jennifer Brock.

Business Office: Jennifer Gill.

Guidance Office: Meghan Smith.

Health Office: TBA.

CSE Office: Cindy Gill.

Library/AV: Gail Schoonmaker.

Elementary Monitors: Michelle Rutledge, Rosa Kuehn, Barbara Christian, Betsy Poborsky, Kay Nearing.

Special Education Aides: Amy Wormuth, Brenda Sherburne, Jackie Petriella.

IT Coordinator: Jalene Allen.

PC/LAN Technician I: Josh Roenfeldt.

Buildings and Grounds

Building Maintenance Mechanic II: Paul Bartholomew.

Custodians: Brian Drumm, Gabe Ewain, Dan Gales, Shaun Gotthardt, Jason Mead, Anthony Miller, Shaun Shannon.


School Lunch Manager: JoAnne Smith.

Cafeteria Staff: Stephanie Kuehn, Lisa Rieman.


Transportation Director: Jodi Newman.

Automotive Mechanic: Kelly Czapnik.

Mechanic’s Assistant: Gary Miller.

Bus Drivers: Randi Appley, Brianne Cobb, Sara D’Elia, Melissa Newman, Linda O’Brien, Karen Soulier, Paul Vetrone, Michelle Wormuth.

Bus Monitors: Vicki Czapnik and Carolyn Rhinebeck.


The following is a class-by-class listing of Hancock Elementary School students and their respective teachers.


Mrs. Hull (Room 111): Maci Berlingeri, Elisabeth Ellis, Jacob Miller, Tatym Rosengrant, Brice Satkowski, Adreyonna Wormuth, Jacob Wormuth, Luke Wormuth.

Mrs. Karcher (Room 115): Ariela Drumm, Dante Edwards, Jace Murphy, Addison Picozzi, Chloe Reynolds.

First Grade

Mrs. Bass (Room 104): Christopher Davanzo, Harper Dufton, Leon Palladino-Stevens, Kemper Possemato, Aurora Ruiz, Chanel Wignall.

Mrs. Rice (Room 107): Gianna Calendrillo, Liam Chapman, Joshua Dunlap, Baylie Ellis, Addie Furlong, Ava Reynolds, Elisha Simmons.

Second Grade

Ms. Milk (Room 114): Mariana Bello, Madison Bolster, Bryleigh Drumm, Jada Furlong, Jaiden Giza, Justin He, Jayden Lassiter, Braylee Marino, Liam Noble, Sophia Prescott, Scott Reed, Emma Saul, Ammon Wormuth, Gage Zazeckie.

Devin Schmitz (Room 112): Karynn Appley, Liliana Avila, Hailey Christian, Arissa Crawson, Jayden D’Elia, Jena Furlong, Sophia Jefferson, Preston Johnston, Bentley Kille, Braidynn Marino, Richard Miller, Hannah Morgan, Alexa Petersen, Cooper Wormuth, Andrew Zimar.

Third Grade

Mrs. Cooper (Room 122): Ariana Blakeslee, Austin Bolster, Jake D’Elia, John D’Elia, Xavier Esolen, Trenten Gill, Madilynn Gustin, Elaine He, Arianna Hunt, Nicholas Irimescu, Axedon Possemato, Landyn Robinson, Livian Robinson, Adelaide Roenfeldt, Cameron Thomas, Xavier Vincente, Gavyn Westbrook, Lacey White, Carter Wormuth.

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Vasconi-Smith (Room 124): Nora Bartholomew, Mattison Coddington, Ayden Dix, Madalyn Jennings, David Newman, Madison Norton, Aubrey Rutherford, Steven Saul, Philip Wahl, Aubreigh Werner, Cherish Wright.

Mrs. Prescott (Room 126): Kadyn Appley, Kaden Conklin, Aubree Cornell, Courtney Gorton, Cole Mazepa, Brendin Miller, Tripp Rosengrant, Kayden Swartwout, Olivia Tarbox, Kendall Whitehead.


School begins at 8:05 a.m. for students in grades 5-12. Bus routes are as follows:

Bus #   Icon        Driver       Route                                                     Departs            Arrives

128      Boat       Karen        Apex, Cadosia, Dug Road                     7:15a            8:00a

132      Train      Linda         French Woods, Route 97, La Barre       6:55a            8:00a

133      Cow        Paul           Fish’s Eddy, Front Street, Klondike      6:50a            8:05a

135      Shark      Sara           Special Ed. to Guilford & Sidney         7:15a            8:00a

136      Plane      Michelle    Peas Eddy, Silver Lake, West End        7:05a            8:00a

137      Bicycle   Randi        Readburn, Tar Hollow                           7:00a            8:00a

138      Pony       Brianne     Baudendistel, Lordville, Stockport       6:55a            8:00a

140      Star         Missi         Bus Garage, Dry Brook, Sands Creek   7:10a            8:00a


* Students may purchase lunch in grades K-4 for $2.30 and in grades 5-12 for $2.55. 

* Hancock Elementary School’s Morning Program will run from 8:30-8:50 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the cafeteria. The first Morning Program is scheduled for September 24.

* Hancock High School continues to offer distance learning courses, which provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits while attending high school.

* Students in grades 3-12 will receive a student planner to assist with organizing assignments and school-related events.

* Students in grades 5-12 will have hall passes printed in their planners to sign in and out of classrooms.

* All students will receive a copy of the Student Handbook on the first day of school; this includes the Hancock Central School Code of Conduct. Students are to review the handbook with their parents/guardians, sign the Statement of Understanding at the back of the handbook, and return it to their homeroom teacher by September 13.

* Select high school students have the opportunity to pursue occupation education courses on a half-day basis through a cooperative program with other schools at DCMO BOCES Harrold Campus on Route 206, between Trout Creek and Masonville.

* All students must sit for the school photographer so the District can obtain your official picture for the 2019-2020 school year. Students are not obligated to buy a photo package from the studio. 

* School pictures dates are September 24 (grades 5-12) and September 27 (PK-4).

* Students are not permitted to enter school buildings until 8 a.m., except for those purchasing breakfast in the cafeteria. In the event of inclement weather, all students entering via the first-floor main entrance are to remain in the front lobby. Students arriving at the second-floor entrance are to wait inside the lobby until the 8 a.m. bell. 

* Drop-offs and pick-ups for students in grades 5-12 are only permitted at the front of the high school.

* Drop-offs and pick-ups for students in grades PK-4 are not allowed in front of the Elementary building, as per the fire code. Parents/guardians must park in the designated parent/visitor lot in front of the playground or in the overflow staff/faculty lot.

* For more information, call the District Office at 607-637-2511.

Posted 9/4/19

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