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Eighth-graders work better together!

8th Graders Create Rube Goldberg Device

Over a period of eight school days, Hancock eighth-graders have worked on designing and creating a Rube Goldberg device that would place a ping-pong ball in a cup as the end goal. They had to include a minimum of four different simple machines and at least six exchanges of energy along the way.

They learned to problem-solve and persevere when all seemed to go wrong. Finding ways to take a raw idea and bring it to life had them displaying their creativity and teamwork. They applied the skills and knowledge they have learned over the past few months in Science class to a practical use, demonstrating a strong understanding of topics such as momentum, inertia forces, gravity, and acceleration. 

In the end, they all enjoyed the task and gained some insight into problem-solving, conflict resolution and teamwork. Great work, eighth-graders!

Posted 3/18/2022

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