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Congratulations! Kelsey Young and Roger Newman III, Hancock CSD Class of 2020
Zachary Alderman and Richard Banks Class of 2020 Posters
Alexis Bennett and Catherine Bennett Class of 2020 Posters
Joshua Brown and Jeremiah Burrows Class of 2020 Posters
Nicole D'Elia and Lana Evanitsky Class of 2020 Posters
Sierra Francisco and Liam Galloway Class of 2020 Posters
Christopher Geer and Brenna Gleim Class of 2020 Posters
Adam Goebel and Nicholas Gross Class of 2020 Posters
Gaven Hendrickson and Ariel Kellam Class of 2020 Posters
Evan Kenyon and Blaze Kuehn Class of 2020 Posters
Harrison Layman and Zane MacRabie-Groat Class of 2020 Posters
Max McAndrew and Brandon McElroy Class of 2020 Posters
Emily McGraw and McKenzie Mead Class of 2020 Posters
Michaela Mirch and Lily Ogozalek Class of 2020 Posters
Sara Orlowski and Castin Ostrander Class of 2020 Posters
Sarahann Rake and Emily Rubera Class of 2020 Posters
Noah Rubera and Scott Smith Class of 2020 Posters
Christian Sokol and Vanessa Tompkins Class of 2020 Posters
Striving for excellence as an innovative, advanced and reflective school community.

Latest News

Wildcat Reset: Our plan to reopen school safely in 2020-2021
Wildcat Reset: Our plan to reopen school safely in 2020-2021

Click to access the Hancock Central School District's Wildcat Reset: School Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Fall Sports delayed until 9/21
Fall Sports delayed until 9/21

The 2020 Fall Sports season will be delayed until September 21 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click to read more, including what will happen to high school sports if there are further delays.

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HCS 2020-21 School Year Reopening Strategic Communications Plan
HCS 2020-21 School Year Reopening Strategic Communications Plan

The Hancock Central School District has released its Reopening Strategic Communications Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Click to read more.

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Wildcat Reset: Reopening plans underway
Wildcat Reset: Reopening plans underway

The Hancock Central School District intends to actively engage its constituents in the culminating aspects of the Wildcat Reset planning process in the near future. Click to read more from Superintendent Terry Dougherty.

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HCS Fourth-Quarter Awards
HCS Fourth-Quarter Awards

Congratulations to Hancock Central School students in grades 9-12 who made our high honor, honor and merit rolls for the fourth-quarter marking period! Click to read more!

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HCS Graduates: School accounts close soon!
HCS Graduates: School accounts close soon!

Attention Class of 2020 Graduates! Your school accounts will be closed at the end of the month, so save what you need ASAP. Click to find out more!

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Graduation Ceremony Information
Graduation Ceremony Information

Click to read important information about Hancock Central School's Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony this Friday!

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Update: Class of 2020 Awards
Update: Class of 2020 Awards

Scholarships and awards will not be presented individually during Hancock's 2020 Graduation Ceremony, but they will be acknowledged and delivered. Click to find out how.

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Superintendent's Blog

Superintendent and student

Hello, friends! As we reach the peak of the winter season, the Board and I remain diligently focused on developing the proposed spending plan and corresponding school program for the 2020-2021 school year.

In late January, the Governor proposed his 2021 Executive budget to the Legislature. On the surface, this proposal appears to fund public education quite generously. However, the projected school-aid allocation to Hancock is not nearly sufficient to fully fund anticipated expense increases that are necessary to provide an adequate and appropriate public education for all of our students.

That said, we are still relatively early in the budget-development process and the final, reconciled state budget is yet to be developed. I am extremely confident the Board and I will produce a responsible 2020-2021 spending plan that meets the needs of our students while remaining fiscally responsible to our taxpayers in the present moment and, as important, in the years ahead.

More information is forthcoming. I encourage all of our interested stakeholders to periodically check our website (www.hancock.stier.org), our social-media pages (Facebook and Twitter), and local news outlets such as the Hancock Herald for updates.

Now more than ever, I am convinced that we can offer our students the best possible program opportunities by working together. We will continue to support their ongoing intellectual, psychological and emotional growth from elementary school through adolescence and into adulthood.

Please stay in touch!


Terrance P. Dougherty, Ph.D.
HCSD Superintendent of Schools
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 607-637-1301
Twitter: @SLUDAD2017 

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We nurture and empower each learner’s unlimited capacity to become a responsible citizen with a promising future.
 Striving for excellence as an innovative, advanced and reflective school community.
We ensure continuous growth because we believe each of us can learn.
We work better together, always.
We embrace creativity & advancing technology.
We trust, respect, support & care for one another.
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Our approach is engaging, learner-centered & adaptable to individual needs.
We put students first.
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