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Hancock Central School Class of 2022 (6/2022)
Deposit-Hancock baseball and softball state champions (6/2022)
Deposit-Hancock baseball state champions (6/2022)
Deposit-Hancock softball state champions (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Lindsey Bolster and Madison Felter (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Christian Alderman and Benjamin Banks (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Stanley Bailecki Jr. and Cassidy Bruford (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Andrea Cotza and Corbin Croissette (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Gabriel DElia and Jacob Dobromirescu (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Aaron Geer and Payten Gill (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Taylor Gotthardt and Gavin Green (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Christopher Gross and Wyatt Jacobs (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Brennan Karcher and Aiden Kuehn (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Donovan Layman and Nicholas Locke (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Danossen Louis and Dalton Mead (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Zachary Middleton and Shawna Oddo (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Samuel Parker and Kyle Shaffer (6/2022)
Hancock Senior Signs Nathaniel Westbrook and graduiation info (6/2022)
Girl skips with family (9/2021)
Striving for excellence as an innovative, advanced and reflective school community.

Latest News

Middle School Awards Ceremony
Middle School Awards Ceremony
Please click below to access the Video link for yesterday's Middle School Awards Ceremony!

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Cats of 2022 to graduate Friday!
Cats of 2022 to graduate Friday!
Families and friends of our graduating seniors are invited to Hancock Central School’s 2022 Graduation Ceremony at 10 a.m. this Friday at the football field! Click for more information!
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8th Grade Graduation Video
8th Grade Graduation Video
The HCS 8th Grade Graduation and Awards Ceremony is available for you to view! 
For more information, please click below!
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Bolster, Felter top Cats of 2022
Bolster, Felter top Cats of 2022
The Hancock Central School District is proud to recognize Lindsey Bolster as valedictorian and Madison Felter as salutatorian of Hancock Central School’s Class of 2022, which will graduate together Friday, June 24. Click to find out more!
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Congratulations to our Deposit-Hancock baseball AND softball teams for sweeping the Class D state championships June 11! Click to read all about it!
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June Regents Exam Schedule
June Regents Exam Schedule
Regents testing starts Wednesday! Click to access the updated June 2022 Regents Exam schedule from the New York State Education Department!
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School Safety Update
School Safety Update
Recent events in Uvalde, Texas, have yet again spurred a heightened awareness and discussion of school safety issues. In Hancock, providing a safe and nurturing educational environment for all students, employees, and community members is our top priority. Please click below to continue reading.
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Hancock honors legacy of graduate
Hancock honors legacy of graduate
The Hancock Central School District thanks Randy and Cindy Whiting for joining Diane Layman on campus last week for their Legacy of Honor presentation. Click to read more.
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Superintendent's Blog

Superintendent Terry Dougherty
Communication is
the key at HCSD!
Hello, friends! We are pleased to welcome all of our students and staff back for the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year. We are excited for what lies ahead of us over the next five months!

I am extremely grateful for the ongoing, amazing show of support HCSD has received from the community throughout the implementation of our ’Cat Restoration reopening process for the 2021-2022 school year. And, although it seems as though our battle against COVID-19 has been never-ending, I am pleased to report there appear to be some extremely encouraging possibilities to look forward to over the near horizon.

Specifically, it appears as though the Omicron variant has reached its peak and we are hoping the New York State Education Department (NYSED) will soon begin to ease face-covering mandates as the days grow longer and temperatures warm. And while there are no certainties moving forward, we choose to remain optimistic and hope for the best! We will be sure to quickly communicate and disseminate all updated COVID-19 regulatory information as it is made available to us by NYSED and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

I encourage you to read and enjoy the next edition of the Hancock Wildcat News, where our theme is communication. In the human services industry in general, and in public education more specifically, the ability to effectively communicate is an extremely important skill. At the Hancock Central School District, we take great pride in utilizing various analogous and digital communication tools as to proactively seek to engage our many, and varied, internal and external stakeholders.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Dr. Dougherty - Superintendent of SchoolsTerrance P. Dougherty, Ph.D.
HCSD Superintendent of Schools
[email protected]
Phone: 607-637-1301
Twitter: @SLUDAD2017

Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs

Wildcat Pledge
We nurture and empower each learner’s unlimited capacity to become a responsible citizen with a promising future.
 Striving for excellence as an innovative, advanced and reflective school community.
We do whatever it takes to ensure continuous growth because we believe each of us can learn.
We work better together, always.
We embrace creativity and advancing technology.
We trust, respect, support and care for one another.
Learning environment
Our approach is engaging, learner-centered and adaptable to individual needs.
We ensure equity and create access and opportunity for all.
We put students first.
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