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Spring is in the air at Hancock!
Spring Concert group pic (3/2022)

Hancock Central School got a jump on spring with its 2022 Middle School/High School Spring Concert on Thursday, March 3!

Thanks to everyone who watched our first concert in two years where singers were allowed to perform without face coverings, as per state and district guidelines. Whether you were there in person or watched our live stream on Facebook, we know you were thoroughly entertained by chorus, choir and band performances led by Choral Music Instructor Loa Noyd and Band Director Michael Massaro.

Special thanks to pianist Kay Nearing for accompanying choral presentations; Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Transportation Jodi Newman and our custodial crew for setting up the MS-HS Auditorium; our classroom teachers for giving students adequate time to prepare; and HCSD’s administrators and Board of Education.

Visit our Facebook page to see more Spring Concert photos!
Beginning Chorus: Xavier Esolen, Trenten Gill, Madilynn Gustin, Elaine He, Arianna Hunt, Livian Robinson, Adelaide Roenfeldt, Lacey White.
Middle School Chorus: Kadyn Appley, Corey Barnhart, Ayden Dix, Holden Dufton, Wyatt Persbacker, Chase Pullen, Tripp Rosengrant, Aubrey Rutherford, Steven Saul Jr., Amelia Waldron, Aubreigh Werner, Cherish Wright.
Chamber Choir: Sarah Gross, Vanessa Horton, Addison Makowski, Kelsie Newman, Kailey Petersen, Zaida Whitaker, Lola White, Chiara Wormuth, Hailey Wormuth.
High School Chorus: Makenzie Allen, Alexandria Barnhart, Arik Biedermann, Landen Estus, Vanessa Horton, Nicholas Leonard, Alexis Mead, Kelsie Newman, Kailey Petersen, Emmalee Watson, Zaida Whitaker, Lola White, Chiara Wormuth, Hailey Wormuth.
Middle School Band
Baritones: Aladino Ruiz.
Clarinets: Aubree Cornell.
Flutes: Kadyn Appley, Ayden Dix, Leigha Mead, Philip Wahl, Amelia Waldron.
Percussion: Francesco Cotza, Wyatt Persbacker, Kayden Swartwout.
Saxophones: Holden Dufton, Quinn Rowe, Isaiah Graham.
Trombones: Cole Mazepa, Aubrey Rutherford, Aubreigh Werner.
High School Band
Baritones: Luke Prescott.
Clarinets: Nicholas Leonard, Isabella Patriella.
Flutes: Lindsey Bolster, Payten Gill, Kelsie Newman, Lola White, Chiara Wormuth, Hailey Wormuth.
Guitar: Conner Mack.
Percussion: Taylor Gotthardt, Davis Herzog, Nathaniel Westbrook.
Saxophones: Joseph Cerrone, Logan Westbrook.
Trombones: Jacob Davis, Tyler Persbacker.
Trumpets: Ashton Aceves-Amaya, Kevin Conklin.
Posted 3/3/2022