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Deposit, Hancock look to strengthen shared services

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The Deposit and Hancock school boards met in early November to confirm and announce their Shared Services initiatives for the 2019-2020 academic year. Gray Stevens facilitated the November 4 meeting at the Hancock Central School District, which served as a follow-up to October’s joint meeting to establish these initiatives.

Hancock Superintendent Terrance Dougherty presented the August 2019 Summary Report that outlined actions taken since Alan Pole conducted the initial Shared Services Study in 2012. Based on October’s joint review of the summary report, the districts will work together in 2019-2020 to create and share the following:

Athletic Code of Conduct: Each district’s current Athletic Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the law firm Hogan & Sarzynski, which will develop a report highlighting common areas, possible conflicts, addendums, etc. The high school principals and athletic directors at each district will then develop a draft of one Athletic Code of Conduct for both districts. The single code will be presented to each superintendent, who will then seek final approval from their respective boards.

Extra-Curricular Eligibility Policy: Deposit will forward its policy to Hancock, and the high school principals from each district will work with appropriate personnel to draft an extra-curricular eligibility policy. This will be presented to each superintendent, who will then seek final approval from their respective boards.

Coaches’ Handbook: Each district’s principal and athletic director will review current coach processes as well as handbooks from other districts to create a common handbook for Deposit/Hancock.

Eagles Mascot/Logo: In an effort to brand the Deposit/Hancock Eagles, the districts will draft a process for selecting an official mascot/logo to singularly represent the combined athletic programs. This process will require input from the administrators, boards, students, staff and community members from both districts.

Erie Bell Retirement: The search continues for a replica Erie Bell as the districts seek to eliminate a symbol of their longtime rivalry. The goal is to retire the original Erie Bell and a replica (one for each district) during a public ceremony/celebration. Ideally, this event would coincide with the unveiling of a unified mascot/logo.

Staff Professional Development: Both districts will continue common professional development, which will occur this school year in December at Hancock.

Other Areas: Deposit and Hancock recently started to share student psychological services and will be collaborating on shared enrichment opportunities this year. A “Culminating Meeting” will be held in each school district near the end of the academic year to summarize our collaboration progress for the public (Hancock in late May; Deposit in early June).

The Shared Services Committee plans to meet again January 6, 2020, at Deposit.

Posted 11/21/19

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