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HCS 2020-21 School Year Reopening Strategic Communications Plan

 Wildcat Reset 2020 Timeline infographic image (7/2020)


1.       To inform parents, students and community members about what the District has done to prepare for the return of students in the Fall of 2020. (Aligned to Inform/Share)

2.       To decrease family, staff and community anxiety about returning to school, thus increasing the number of students who return this fall. (Aligned to Inform/Engage/Share/Respond)

3.       To increase the buy-in to our reopening process by sharing success stories and challenges. (Aligned to Share/Engage/Respond)


HCSD will utilize its website and social-media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) to boost its communication efforts and overall reach. Keyword monitoring will be included.


Inform: Push information out to the community.

Engage: Call the community to action.

Share: Distribute story or narrative-based communication.

Respond: Use timely and correct response prompts.


July 13, 2020

NYSED/NYSDOH School Reopening Guidance is announced and made widely available. Wildcat Reset planning process continues.

Inform, Engage, Share, Respond

July 31, 2020

HCS Reopening Plan uploaded to NYSED and NYSDOH for review/approval.

Inform, Share, Respond

August 7, 2020

Governor Cuomo announces NYS School Reopening approach.


August 8-31, 2020

Rollout of HCS-coordinated school reopening process via FAQs, Video, Media Releases, Letters, Social Media, Website.

Inform, Engage, Share, Respond

September 10, 2020

Tentative school reopening.

Inform, Engage, Share, Respond


Personnel Impact: Terry Dougherty, Dean Russin, School Administrators.

Budget Implications: Negligible and largely BOCES-aidable.

Potential Failure Points: Parent/Community Member disinterest in information outflow.

  • Resolution: Solvable by pre-identification of questions. Mitigation may require assistance from other administration team members.

Terrance P. Dougherty, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

Posted 7/16/2020 

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